miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

PRE-PRIMARY CHILD (4-6 years old)


As a pre-primary child stydying English means to jump into a world of fun!
The child embarks on an adventure.
The material used captivates the child's imagination.
There's a perfect combination of real-life and fantasy through imaginative stories and attractive artwork.
One of the objectives is to introduce phonetic awareness that fosters early reading skills.
This fun-course is designed with specific activities and resources to involve the whole family in the child's learning process.

One of the big-scale insanities of this century in traditional education is that there is a ferocious assimilation of learning. We live among ideas much more than we live in nature. 
Our method: "Effective Learning BH"means getting input in a little by little process meantime  -students all ages- can feel and enjoy it.
In this sense it should be taken as if we are eating a delicious chocolate. We do not swallow it right away we taste it and let it melt so as to taste it at the most.

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